About Us

Our company, was founded in 1992 with the purpose of trade in medical equipment. Company had been trading disposible surgical equipment of Radiology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Orthopedy, General Surgery.

Total began production of disposable surgical drape,gown and set with INTERSET trademark in year 2000.INTERSET is one of the leading trademark in Turkiye and after having a certain national market it began to export its products.Our company is known with INTERSET trademark in more than 28 country.Also we began production expirement of wound care productswith implementingPolymer technology n 2008.Total produced and certified Turkiye's first hydrogel burn and wound care dressing with AGNIGEL trademark in 2010 an began national and international sales in same year.


Being a respectable instution that produces in its own production facilities , having the institutionalization reached its peak and having created a reliable trademark in market place both in Turkiye and abroad.


Being a dynamic institution that is concious of human's health and social responsibilities which presents comfortable and hygienic products to all customers following the developments in the world closely to find rational solutions to the needs of our customers.


Aware of all responsibilities of being an institution that serves in health sector,following technological developments,aiming at constantly progressing and improving in total quality, knowing its responsibilities to humans and nature, being a respectable institution that can be shown as a model throughout Turkey and the world.